-33 Gin (Single)




Mark and Elaine, the Atlas Bar’s owners, first met Sam Trett, the owner and distiller of Minus 33, at Cocktails in the City, in Manchester, in 2015.

They really loved his spirit, both the liquid, and personal, and Atlas Bar was the first bar in Manchester, to stock it.

Sam launched his spirit, at the bar, and spent a day talking to our customers, about his product. A irm favourite, within our GinBible, although technically not a Gin. Thus the origin of the name -33!

Sam’s product is actually distilled in a laboratory; something that he is extremely proud of, and they title their website ”Not a gin, something even better!”

This spirit is distilled at Silent Pool, and contains 9 botanicals.

Fresh and floral, with hints of juniper, citrus, lavender, elderflower and angelica.

Another bonus, of Sam’s spirit, is that it is only 46 calories per serve; half that of a traditional gin!

This spirit is 100% natural, with no artificial colours, flavours, or added sugar!

A quality spirit, made by a fantastic guy, and we sit this proudly on our bar, and within our GinBible!


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