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Audemus Pink Pepper Gin is made in the first micro-distillery, in the Cognac region of France.

Traditional distilling techniques are used, but these are blended with more modern alchemy and a general passion for innovation.

Reduced pressure distillation, is used, where each aromatic, is macerated seperately, in alcohol, then distilled at a controlled temperature to create concentrated aromatic extracts.

Each extract is then assembled with a base of slow reduced French wheat spirit. This is infact a similar technique, to that which profumiers use.

The final product is non-chill filtered, in order to retain as much flavour and aroma, as possible.

This also delivers an extremely smooth spirit.

When the bottle is young, or chilled, or the spirit diluted, the fresher, spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper and cardamon are prominent.

If you allow this gin to warm, the flavour evolves, and vanilla, tonka and honey come to the forefront.

Our perfect serve is with Fevertree tonic water and some pink pepper to garnish. Add a strawberry for a treat, too!


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