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Batch is one of our most locally produced gin brands, being made in the Lancashire town of Burnley.

We were excited when the team came to us, with their gin, right at the start of its’ journey. They were keen to hear our view, for which we were extremely flattered.

We liked it so much, that it was a Christmas #Ginoftheweek. Really appropriate, when you consider that two of the twelve botanicals, in the gin, are Frankinsense and Myrrh!

Some of our team were equally excited about Myrrhs ”alleged” anti aging properties. It is said that Myrrh prevents wrinkles! Well, there are far more extreme ways to stay young!

The gin itself is warm, on the nose. Again, you would expect this, with some of the botanicals, although cinnamon and berries, also come through strongly.

Cardamon and Coriander and at the fore, on the pallete, leaving a hint of peppery notes, but the citrus element is equally balanced, driven by lemongrass.

Whilst a spiced gin, this drinks particularly well with 1724 tonic. Our whole team agrees on this.

Garnish is where we have our own preferences. Naomi loves orange, Francesca traditional lemon, Eden loves Raspberries…..

Elaine, being a seasoned gin drinker, enjoys this one neat, over ice. It really does hold its’ own, either way.

Experiment away, with this gin, and enjoy!


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