Solway Spirits Dry Gin (Single)



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A small batch gin made in a craft distillery which is located on the Solway Coast in South West Scotland, producing only fifty bottles per batch and then bottled and labelled by hand to provide the drinker with only the best quality spirit.

A blend of locally foraged botanicals are used including juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica, orange peel and liquorice root. Created using a rectification column, which helps to make the spirit amazingly smooth, and then cooled through a condenser.

Their Dry Gin is created using the London Dry Style method with a slighlt difference. On the nose this gin has a juniper and citrus led aroma which when drinking mellows out into a spiced note, from cumin and cardamom, and finishing off with a hint of lemon.

Add a premium tonic and a lemon garnish to this gin and watch the flavours intensify.


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