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During the 30 years war British troops who were fighting in Holland were given the spirit Genever for a bit of ‘Dutch Courage’ due to the freezing weather conditions and also to boost their spirits before they went into battle. When these troops returned they developed their own versions of this spirit which is how Gin came about. Having said that these early developments of the spirit we know and love today were uncontrolled and of very poor quality which resulted in most of London going into ruin. Due to this Parliament were forced into restricting the production and selling of gin in the 1740s.

Around this same period the whaling industry in Whitby was booming. The whalers were made up of both local fishermen and several Dutch specialists. It was these Dutch specialists who got the Whitby fishermen acquired to the taste of Genver, to keep the troops warm against the freezing temperatures out at sea.

Due to the production of gin being prohibited on land, the fishermen from Whitby used the towns talents of smuggling to get the ingredients they needed ashore. In Whitby, it wasn’t just the men who did the smuggling, they also encouraged the Fishermen’s wives to do so, as they were more likely to get away with it than the men were. According to the tales of time, if any woman put her mind to smuggling she was more full of energy and tricks than any man.

Distilled, bottled and labelled by hand, this small batch gin is distilled using the London Dry Gin method in a Copper still. Their carefully selected botanicals, are mixture of some of the original smuggled items along with some other local products. The botanicals include juniper, coriander seed, citrus peel, liquorice root, heather tip, Yorkshire moors honey and sugar kelp which they forage from Robin Hoods bay.

You may notice that this gin can go a bit cloudy when mixed with tonic, this is due to the fact the creators of Whitby gin choose not to chill-filter their gin so that it retains all the oils from the botanicals. The cloudiness comes from the release of these oils when ice or tonic are added.

A sweet but savoury gin with a lasting earthy finish, we recommend you serve it with a premium tonic, a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

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