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Once again, the second Rhubarb Gin on this months top 10 list, Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin. Moving down once place into fifth, due in part to the massive popularity of Zymurgorium Sweet Violet.


Whitley usually takes their inspiration from Africa whilst distilling in England however this one is inspired by the glory of a traditional English country garden.

Whitley is distilled by Johnny Neil, a direct descendent of Thomas Greenall and the last in a long line of accomplished distillers and a family which has been distilling gin since 1762. Johnny actually began his journey into gin distillation with the expert guidance of his grandmother.

Johnny was then inspired by his African wife and her tales of the Baobab Tree, known in Africa as ‘The Tree of Life’ due to its capability to store water in its wide trunk. You will find the signature ‘roots up’ logo on every bottle of Whitley.

Keeping Whitley Neill’s signature botanical, the Baobab Fruit, this gin is infused with rhubarb and combined with ginger extracts. The rhubarb bringing a tart crispiness whilst the ginger gives a delicate spice and warmth to the palate.

Distilled to an ABV of 43% but the strong flavours balance out that high ABV and makes you definitely want to go back for seconds… and maybe thirds.

We recommend enjoying with a slice of Lemon and Thyme and paired with Franklin & Sons Tonic.

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