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The fourth, and final, Rhubarb gin in this month’s top 10 sellers comes from one of our favourite distillery’s, and one we took our bar team to visit in 2016, Warner Edwards. Making its way into our top ten for the first time!


Warner Edwards is another brand with whom we at Atlas feel a great affinity.

Elaine and Mark, Atlas’ owners, first met Sion Edwards, at an event back in 2013. So impressed were they, with the gins, that they added them to their ever growing GinBible.

Every one of their range has been a hugely successful #Ginoftheweek and our recent Warner Edwards Gin Supper club was a huge success!

In July 2016, we took a large group from our team, to the Warner Edwards Distillery, in Harrington.

A full day was spent exploring the distillery, the surrounding farm land where the spring water is sourced, and the brand new Warner Edwards Botanical Garden.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this, pre its’ September 2016 launch.

The masterclass hosted by Ross Strachan, Tom Warners’ life long friend, and the Warner Edwards Sales Manager, has ensured that our bar team can wax lyrical about Warner Edwards quality, how it is made, and its’ provenance.

Having carefully chosen the best quality copper pot still from Germany, Tom and Ross built it themselves, upon arrival, in a 200 year old barn, on Tom Warners, Falls Farm.

A couple of lovely stories here. The barn had stood unused for quite some years, and the team had to redecorate it, before it became the distillery.

Why redecorate? Well Tom and Ross had painted the walls black for their 14th birthday party. Apparently it was ”cool” at the time?

Their still is also christened ”Curiosity.”


Well when the cement distillery floor was being built, some mysterious cats paw prints were left half way across the floor, overnight.

It begged the question ”had curiosity killed the cat?”

The spring water used for the gins is sourced from one of seven springs on Falls Hill, which is also a Grade 1 listed monument.

Equally local, are the botanicals used. These include:

juniper, coriander, angelica, elderflower, nutmeg and a secret botanical.

Much as we tried, Ross wasn’t for giving this away!

Only the heart of the distillation is used for this gin, to ensure the best quality.

The bottle itself also tells a story.

The weather vain pointing West/East, signifies Sion Edwards and Tom Warners farms in Wales and England.

The Martini glass symbolises that they are united in spirit.

The intricate artwork contains the letters T and P for Tina and Paola, their partners.

There is very real emotion behind this brand. We saw it for ourselves at the distillery. They care passionately about their gins and are excited about what they produce and its’ quality.

This Victorias Rhubarb gin is an enormous hit with our customers, here at Atlas. Equally popular elsewhere for Warner Edwards, it delivers 68% of their total sales!

It is called Victorias rhubarb, because the original rhubarb plant came from the garden in Buckingham Palace!

The flesh of the rhubarb is pressed and filtered and a touch of sugar is added.

This is then mixed with their Harrington Dry gin.

Delicious with tonic or ginger ale.






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