ADURO Devil’s Tail (Single)




On 1st February 2016, Atomic Gin, changed its’ name to ADURO.

ADURO means

  • to set on fire, kindle. scorch, parch, burn, singe
  • to nip, freeze, blast
  • [of love] to burn, inflame

Aduro combines Belgian inventiveness with Italian craftsmanship in 5 superior organic gins with unique character.  In their quest for the ultimate craftsmanship, Ruben De Ruyck and Edward Vanhoutte found a North Italian artisan grappa distiller that has been in the hands of the same family for nine generations. There, according to the Belgian recipe and with no fewer than 23 botanicals of biological origin, the Aduro gins are fired using the traditional ‘bagnomaria’ method.

Besides five citrus fruits, including Lime and Mandarin from Sicily, the aroma also betrays the use of Rose, Lavender, Elderflower and Chamomile.  Green herbs, including the typical Mugwort and spices such as Ginger and Cardamom make these gins real taste bombs with a distinctly Mediterranean character.  Each gin from the range had a unique character and the addition of the pure water from the Dolomites adds a crisp texture.

Aduro Devil’s Tail Gin is produced in an old Grappa Distillery by a pair of Belgian brothers using a combination of 23 Botanicals.  However, a name like ‘Devil’s Tail Gin’ isn’t an accident – they also use the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest chillies in the world, as an ingredient. The Carolina Reaper is the most spicy pepper in the world with a Scoville score of 1.57 million! The 23 organic botanicals that are distilled in accordance with the traditional ‘bagnomari’ method and ensure a distinctly Mediterranean character.  Floral in the mouth and pepper in the tail.

Perfect Serve : Cucumber or Orange.

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