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The inspiration for Ancient Mariner Gin came from an unusual source. A Church roof repair fundraising event. It was a ‘Recitation by Heart’ of the famous poem, The Ancient Mariner.

Inspired by the Coleridge’s masterpiece, Ancient Mariner Gin recalls one of the most memorable
poems in the English language. From the terrifying space of the open ocean, the storms and whirlpools of an unknown sea, the vast icy caverns of Antarctica and to the hot equatorial seas swarming with monsters, all these visual elements combined with the magnificent engravings of Gustave Dore, have made a lasting impression with mariners throughout the world both at publication in 1798 to this very day. The haunting story of the Ancient Mariner who shoots the Albatross, bird of good omen, still resonates with thoughts of good and bad luck with sailors everywhere.

The Ancient Mariner’s London Dry Gin was chosen from more than 25 different recipes, created with 100% British grains and whilst distilled in London, The Hebridean Liqueur company is based on the West Coast of Scotland.

The bottle is shape is driven from the traditional shapes that were, and are, easier to store on board a ship, and the green label depicts scenes from the famous poem. The images include the ship, Antarctica, a storm, arrow and of course, the famous Albatross!

This gin’s nose is classically juniper with herbal notes. Delivering an earthy flavour and a soft peppery finish, which are fantastic in a Martini.

This gin also features in the recent book, 101 gins to try before you die!


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