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Back in the 1820’s, The Chelsea Distillery was huge, and over the centuries has grown to deliver one of the world’s most recognised gin brands.

Originally owned by the Taylor family, the distillery was bought by James Burrough, in 1862.

He was a trained pharmacist and tea merchant.

He was the creator of other gin brands also, such as, Ye Old Chelsea, James Burrough London Dry and an Old Tom.

A recipe book from 1895 outlines the nine botanicals that are necessary to create this gin: juniper, angelica root, and seeds, coriander seeds, liquourice, almonds, orris root, seville oranges and lemon peel.

In 1958, the distillery moved to Lambeth.

An interesting fact about Beefeater, is that it was the only gin brand, on board the QE2 for its’ maiden voyage, to New York. Quite an honour.

This really does under pin the quality of this gin. This is often over looked due to its’ wide accessibility.

Pernod Ricard took over the brand in 2005, and has taken its’ marketing to a whole new level.

A solid London Dry gin which we suggest you enjoy with a lime, lemon or orange garnish, to pull out its’ characteristic citrus flavour.


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