Black Death Gin and Franklin & Sons Tonic


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Yet another great gin to be produced, in Warrington, by Greenalls.

The distillery was founded in 1761, which makes it the oldest, continuously producing, distillery in the world. Also of note, is that Thomas Dakin founded it. A local personality who has recently had a Manchester based gin, named after him!

The gin originated from an Icelandic family, called Sigurdsson, in 1906, and was called Svarti Daudi – Black Death!

This brand name has been used in many countries, producing various spirits; gin, whisky, vodka etc..

After many legal wranglings, here remains the gin, and Greenalls continue to produce it.

Some countries, like America, dislike the brand name, and the product has disappeared from the US market.

The gin is four times distilled, from neutral grain spirit, in true London Dry style.

The full list of botanicals is a closely guarded secret, but the traditional London Dry ones, are definitely in evidence.

The name comes from the belief that Gin could cure people from the Black Deat, back in the middle ages.

Strongly juniper led, with characteristic citrus notes, you can enjoy this gin with virtually any citrus garnish. If you like a really sharp tang, then it is fabulous with grapefruit and Franklins Tonic.


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