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Elaine and Mark, were excited to meet Keiran, the distiller, of this gin, in London, recently.

Truly a gentleman with an abundance of passion, and enthusiasm for his product.

The distillery sits on the beautiful banks of the Blackwater River, in Cappoquin, West Waterford. Thus its’ name.

It was established in early 2015, by Peter Mulryan. An interesting fact about Peter, being that he worked for the BBC and RTE, for more than 30 years, before he embarked out on what is his true passion.

Definitely driven by his heritage: his Dad was a chemist in Kielys Brewery and his Uncle was Master brewer with Anheuser Busch Brewery in St Louis.

Plenty of clean air, the freshest water, and plump barley crops, make this the perfect setting for Irelands’ very first craft gin and whisky, distillery.

This is an ‘a typical’ London Dry Gin, which is distilled from the purest spirit.

What is really interesting though, is the background to the botanicals used. Again, a wealth of history, sits behind this.

The Blackwater River, and Waterford, were on a key part of the 19th century spice routes, and a Waterford based company, called Whites, imported numerous exciting flavours from the East.

The 12 botanicals used in Blackwater Gin, are all from those traded by Whites, many years ago.

Two, in particular, lie at the heart of this gin.

Created in a 300 litre still, lovingly known as ”Sally.,” this gin is distilled very slowly.

Classic London Dry scents great the nose, and a faint peperry tone, whilst citrus is definitely there.

This gin makes a very pleasing G&T, and we’d suggest this be enjoyed with a lemon garnish.

Elaine is also partial to this gin, with a Fevertree Bitter Lemon.

The bottle shows a picture of the river, appropriately so. As for No5.?

It really holds no actual significance.

This was the 32nd recipe, tried. The design didn’t like that, or No9, which was the first prototype, so No5, was all about the look!

We think that it’s all about the taste.


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