Eden Mill Golf (Single)




The Eden Mill Distillery is situated near to St Andrews. The world famous golf course.

This gin from their offer, is named so, due to the botanicals coming from around this very golf course.

The Eden Mill Distilleries history, started back in 1810. It was where the legendary Haig distillers, first laid down the whisky.

The current owners resurrected the site, in 2012, and they were Scotland’s very first combined brewery and distillery.

This allows the team to influence their products, from other drinks recipes, and the possibilities are endless.

All of their products are crafted by hand, and as they themselves say, they touch, smell and taste, all of their products, every day.

Their ingredients are all sourced ethically, and predominantly, locally.

Enjoy this gin with tonic and either star anise to pull out it’s spicy base, or blueberries for a softer flavour.


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