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From the Santamania Distillery in Spain comes an interesting gin named after their stills, Lola and Vera. Lola & Vera owes its name to their copper pot stills.

Thanks to these beautiful copper pot stills, they can work with alcohol that is no lower than 90 proof, meaning that Santamania are producing spirits that are truly distinct from other brands on the market.

Mark and Elaine met the Santamania team in London in 2016 and were really excited by this gin, and the people that created the brand.

They just love what they do and more importantly, the gin that they produce!

It is grain-based and made with water from the Sierra de Madrid mountain range and top quality botanicals that include Macedonian Juniper. This particular gin was made by macerating apples in the spirit before filtering them out and distilling the spirit with the rest of the botanicals which include: Lemon, Orange, Ginger, Cardamom, Anise, Sunflower, Liquorice, Cassia and (of course) Juniper.

Awesome pop art-inspired label, too.

Perfect Serve : Apple.

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