Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin (Single)


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Ask most people to name a quality London Dry gin, and Tanqueray will be one of the brands first mentioned.

The brand goes way back to the early 1830’s, when Charles Tanqueray, launched his first distillery and the recipe was subsequently developed in 1838.

So good was the recipe that it has never changed, and is the one still in use today.

The company was taken over by Charles’ son, and it is alleged that during the prohibition years, in America, in the 1920’s, that Tanqueray was shipped to islands just off the US coastline, and the gin was traded on the black market.

There is even a tale that suggests that the gin was shipped in floatable cases. This brings a whole new meaning to a message in a bottle!

During the blitz, in 1941, the Tanqueray distillery was virtually levelled, and the only surviving still, known as ”Old Tom,” now resides in Scotland at Cameron Bridge.

United distillers, now Diageo, took over the brand in 1986, and in 1989, John Tanqueray, the great-great grandson of Charles, retired. The last member of the family, to work there.

It is interesting that for a gin that has been around for so long, that the recipe is still unknown.

We know that only four botanicals are used, and they are believed to be juniper, a given, liquorice and angelica root and coriander seeds.

The distinctive green bottle has a pineapple and two axes on it.

Pineapples were a known 1800’s symbol of hospitality and wealth. As for the axes?

There’s some myth and legend suggesting that this may be to do with the Tanqueray family fighting during the crusades.

The most recent addition to the Tanqueray range is Flor de Sevilla. Inspired by one of Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes, this unique distilled gin with Sevilla Orange essence, has that perfectly balanced feel to it from the bittersweet Sevilla Oranges alongside the complexity of the Tanqueray London Dry liquid.

Enjoy this gin paired with a premium tonic and a slice of orange!


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