Tiger Gin (Single)


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Tiger Gin is produced by The Shropshire Gin Company, and its creator is JJ Lawrence, Jeff, a self confessed gin lover!

He wasn’t skilled enough to produce a gin himself, but was lucky enough to find a family owned distillery, for over 100 years, the infamous Langleys, only half an hour away from where he lived.

JJ worked with the Master Distiller to produce his Tiger.

A name that got him in to a huge legal battle with Heineken.

He held his ground, and in somewhat of a David and Goliath situation, he won and the Tiger Gin brand was his!

This is a premium quality gin distilled using English water blended with the finest botanicals, spices and grains.

Refreshing and crisp, Tiger is packed with juniper and zingy sweet orange.

Smooth enough to drink neat, it is lovely with 1724 tonic and an orange garnish.

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